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Ana's Road Toll

Ana's Road Toll

I walk alone down Ana's Road.
The night is so long, I feel so cold.
I See all the houses of broken dreams
The halls filled with silence, the bathroom with screams.
Skeletons fill the closets, are very well hid.
Erased of all emotion and memories of what was did.
Black lights are what lights up the rooms.
Casting a shadow of doubt of the impending dooms.
Went in to the lounge was served nothing but lies.
Very dingy place full of the bad guys.
They promised me bliss, gave me nothing but pain.
I walked out of there feeling so ashamed.
Stepped on into the den of deceit.
Told me me nothing was good enough, to accept defeat.
Broken I was tattered and torn.
Wishing some days I was never born.
I wanted to run back, but I went to my car.
It's too late for me, I have gone too far.
Started it up, headed down the road.
Overheated engine was ready to explode.
Sign post I read says your going the wrong way.
I took no notice, for this is my last day.
Passed another that said I missed a turn.
Who cares about that, rules I never learn.
The final one says Dead End ahead.
The crowds came out, cheered me instead.
Motor revving up, foot on the gas.
Hitting high speed, I was going so fast.
The end getting closer, was the bank of the river.
Time to find out if I'm a goner or a liver.
The speedometer hit the 99 miles per hour.
I have lost all control, have no more power.
The end is near, I hit a speed bump.
Heart skipped a beat as my ride jumped.
All the things hit me, ran through my head.
My life oh no, I don't want to be dead.
Should of heeded warning, but it's too late now.
I'm already gone, inflicted suffering I did allow.
The crowds did laugh, but the true fans cry.
To them I was nothing, but it was life for I.
Ana's road just took another toll.
Took an innocent life, heart and soul.
Think this is a nice little pleasant trip?
HELL NO! Read between the lines and get a grip.
You think you have it all, got all control?
You my friend is the next Ana Road toll.

Think you want to follow and be me?
Just like I did, you'll die regretfully.
Ana will steer you wrong, there is no right.
Just like the person before, it will be your last night.
I see my fate now, all the things I could of had.
Seeing my happily ever after, makes me so sad.
Wish I would of listened to my friends family and heart.
Knowing what was right, to make clean start.
To put the past behind so it never did haunt.
To try hard and get everything I want.
But I'm gone now to the nether world as you can see.
It's too late me, but for you is doesn't have to be.
The road you are entering, I seen it all you know.
That path consumed me, just a victim of the show.
Think you can last? You probably think you will.
People tried before you, are just another road kill.
Turn back now! You do not want to see these sights.
Bright sun upon you, Ana turns off the lights.
Sorry to say, but this ride don't last too long.
Thinner is the winner, think that? Your DEAD wrong!

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