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Repent Thee Ana

Repent Thee Ana

You promised me happiness
I felt nothing but pain.
You made me loose weight
But showed me weight gain.

Said I would be popular
But took away my friends.
Said just another pound
That repeating never ends.

If this life is so good
Then why am I crying?
If this is living for you
Why did you leave me dying?

You shown me my life
And what I could be
Restrained forever
Never to be free.

I see you now Ana
For who you really are
Nothing but lies and deceit
Cold black heart of tar

I have served you well
But now I must go
You've done me wrong
For that I do know

Farewell to thee Ana
My life it is mine
You do not control me now
Because I am now divine.

(I had the weirdest feeling after making that, very weird.)
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