Mandi Faux - Transsexual Escort Model Stripper Erotic Entertainer
Over Here

Over Here (dark poem)

The closer you get to your dreams.
The further behind it all seems.
Reality is calling out to you.
You're in a deep sleep now it can't get through.

Dreaming of a better land.
Where life is far from bland.
Problems do not exist over here.
There is no one to blame and nothing to fear.

Coming face to face with my own fantasy.
Living the way I see reality.
Finally now I can be myself.
No one bugging me saying I need help.

Since I have met my master overlord.
And found out now I'll never be bored.
The future is now crystal clear.
Now that I live away over here.

For the end is always a new beginning.
Doing what you want forever winning.
Over here there is no point in going to bed.
We cannot wake up for we're already dead.

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