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Mandi Faux Radio Show Schedule

Mandi Faux Show Schedule

This is just a brief summery of the Mandi Faux Radio Show, times, descriptions, details, ect of the broadcast. Please note however, this is only approximate as no part of the show times, nor separate parts are exact as of this time.

12:00am - 12:10am: Faux Reality - News, current events, weather and other things going on in the world and the internet.

12:10am - 1:00am: Fauxmotion - Music music and more music. Hot tracks, feel good vibes, featuring dance, disco, and any music with a feel good beat.

1:00am - 1:10am: Faux Reality - (see 12:00am for description)

1:10am - 1:35am: Fauxnetics - Talk of world, internet, real life issues and pretty much everything, questions asked in the chat room will be answered by Mandi herself live on air.

1:35am - 2:00am: Fauxline - Questions and answers section of the show, ask Mandi questions on the chat room, and they will be answered live on air,

2:00am - 2:10am: Faux Reality - (see 12:00am for description)

2:10am - 3:00am: Fauxmotion - (see 12:10am for description)

♥ ♥ All times are CST (central standard time) zone based. ♥ ♥

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