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Power Of Love

Power Of Love

To give each other strength and courage to carry on.
To make a life so happy, to right all that's wrong.
To share intense passion that makes one so weak.
To blush with so much innocence one cannot speak.
To show so much emotion in just words that we share.
To hugging and kissing each other that's never a dare.
To make each other experience what the other one feels.
To exploding with intensity to know that it's real.
To accept one for who they are one hundred percent.
To respecting each other completely doing nothing without consent.
To trust one fully with everything and your life.
To being there always taking nothing in strife.
To working through issues, no problem too small.
To taking utmost importance interested in all.
To never testing each other, never to cheat.
To always moving forward never to have defeat.
To every single day always shiny and new.
To warming in our hearts and never left blue.
To knowing your the one there will never be another.
To passionate embrace showing your the only lover.
To the way that we look and the soothing stare.
To the understanding way we honestly do care.
To the gentle kind sensual personal touch.
To the words of how we love each other so much.

All this and more is our gift sent from the heavens above.
It's overtaken us fully, and I believe in the power of love.

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