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News and Updates

News and Updates

July 6th 2022: Hello again. It is update time, and this is not the announcement I was planning to make, but it is one that came out of nowhere and I am rolling with it. I have a new blog site launching as of now, with a new identity with it. Bambi Bimbette is my bimbo persona and I will be blogging about, well, being a bimbo. There will be links, information, personal experiences, and anything else about the journey I am finally taking into becoming a full on sex doll and all that comes with it. To find out more, click the banner below (it will also be in the link section under Mandis Own too). The site is free to see, and free to register too, so join today and see you there.
Bambi Bimbette - Bimbo bloggin nympho sex doll

February 6th 2022: For this update I added a dozen pictures from a never seen before gallery called Little Back Dress. I found what I had left of it and figured why not, so I added them on here. Added an additional link on the Trans Sex Chatroom page to open the room in a new pop-up window for chatting while browsing the site. Oh and turned on commenting ability for the videos too. There will be a sort of major announcemnt coming soon. Something I have been wanting to do for a very long time and the works are well under way. Stay tuned for more!

November 15th 2021: Finally got all the pictures and galleries redone. Now there are over 100 pics of me on the site. Also added a couple videos, one is the preview video from my original pay site, the other a short clip of me webcam video chatting. Reorganized the top navigation too adding a community section for the chatroom's access, official forum, and the guestbook. Makes more sense having those in their own dedicated area, much easier to find. Also removed the old games area. They were just flash based and there isn't a browser that works with flash anymore. Pretty much pointless having games nobody can play. lol. Oh and I put one of my songs up too, Whiptastic. No idea what genre it is, s&m porn trance perhaps? Until next time, enjoy.

November 12th 2021: Many updates to the site for sure, including this update page itself. lol. It's been a while but I finally got the place mobile complaint. Along with that a fresher and darker overall look while still keeping some pink because who doesn't love pink. Guestbook has been added too after much reworking of the coding and appearance of the original. Lots of time but so worth it. The forum is up and running so please do join it. After all it is free to join. I plan on posting updates over there as it is just easier and y'all can comment, or not. Upcoming is I will be posting most all my pictures on here, and replacing the tiny ones with their larger versions. Um and whatever else I wanna do. Maybe weekly chats in my Trans Sex chatroom, which is also free. One thing I miss about my old Yahoo club was the weekly chat sessions. Such fun times. Only way to do that stuff now is on these independent sites. But I have a LOT more to say about that. Anyways, until later take care.
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Peace love and hugs to you.

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