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Ride Of Life

Ride Of Life

Driving down the road of life.
Things feel fine, and comfortably right.
All around are dazzling street lights.
Tall buildings and malls, all city sights.

Turn down a lane out to the town.
Fresh country air, never a frown.
The history you see, how it has grown.
Into beautiful things, all to be shown.

Nothing is more beautiful than the thing called love.
The ride I am on, is sent from the heavens above.
The things are around, are there but I don't really see.
The only thing I notice, is my love that is next to me.

She makes me feel special, and wanting to live.
I trust her with my life, heart and soul I do give.
A love like ours no need to go fast.
Happily ever after will eternally forever last.

The trip that lasts forever.
Will be one amazing endevour.
No stops, just pure go go go.
We are the stars, this is our show.

Once we were going along all alone.
But out paths did merge to a road that is our own.
Forever us, you and me side by side.
Enjoying the ride of life, with peace and pride.

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