Mandi Faux - Transsexual Escort Model Stripper Erotic Entertainer
Closeted Hero

Closeted Hero

You are scared to be yourself
When somebody is at home
The only time you are really free
Is when you are all alone

Your really cool wild side
You try to keep to yourself
Is why everyone is saying
That you could really use some help

I am wondering if they really knew
Exactly who and what you are
Would they stop poking fun
Or leave another scar

But it is really hard being someone
That you are really not
You just know that someday
You are bound to get caught

And when they find out that
You have been living a lie
Will you be strong enough
To look them straight in the eye

Do not let your personality
Burn out like a flame
Or others who inspire to be like you
Will only have you to blame

So come out now before it is too late
And be somebodies hero
It is better to be a pioneer
Than a psychological zero

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