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Dedicated To The Love Of My Life

Dedicated To The Love Of My Life

When your away being without you is a curse
Nothing ever seems right like an alternate universe
The other dark place never felt I did belong
Nothing was good enough everything was wrong
Until one day there was that brighter light
The one who made everything feel just right
Breaking the curse like a delicate flower
With such a strong feeling of loves power
What I feared the most is being all alone
Now what I want the most is the love I call my own
The most wonderful girl whom entered my life
The sweetest of all I am proud be her wife
Being with her makes everything all ok
The sky's now never are grim and grey
Sometimes it seems impossible to reach a mile
But faithfully we will make it possible with a smile
Every minute that she is near
Is the best minute of all with my dear
Holding her tight never wanting to let go
With a bond deep within the heart and soul
Together forever is what we shall be
And no words can ever say how much she means to me

I love her so much and my love it is true
This one is dedicated to you ... I love you.

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