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Quotes, Notes, and Anecdotes

Cherish each moment of every single day, for in that same moment the moment slips away.

Nobody is perfect, so who the hell wants to be a nobody.

It is not how much you give nor how much you receive, it's the lives you touch because of what you believe.

Don't be a second rate version of someone else when you can be a first class original of yourself.

Who will remember your name, when you played someone else's game?

If it makes one feel, then you know it is real.

If the future is ever clouded in doubt, just think free and clear to make things work out.

If in your heart you know it is right, then in your head your strong enough to fight.

Taking the bad and turning it into good, wrongs a right and makes things as they should.

Things that come easy and happen fast are only temporary and never last.

Never make tomorrows zero into today's hero.

Be true to yourself in all that you do, and the success of your endeavors will reflect positively back to you.

When your feeling down, sad and low ... remember good things and get with that flow.

When the obsession of fading becomes stronger every day, soon that obsession will be the one that fades away.

When evil has that glamorous appeal, is when you have to meet the reaper to know that he is real.

United we stand, divided we fall. Together we are stronger for love conquers all.

Believe in yourself and make your dreams real. In the store of life shop for the very best deal. Take control of your metaphoric gun. Take aim and shoot for only number one.

Everybody is somebody to someone.

And if you understand the dark side like I do:
"It was night, all alone in my own private world where only I can see the light upon me. The darkness, it doesn't hide shadows, it embraces them as one. But day comes and the shadows return, separated by the light, showing illusions of what's not real. I can see what's not there, and know things before me do not exist."

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